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Q: • How permanent are the new bathroom and lifeguard facilities? Do they plan on building more of these type or building other facilities once we are past this summer?

A: The new modular facilities are permanent buildings. Although we have no specific plans to install these buildings in other locations, any new buildings will be similarly raised above FEMA’s new advisory base flood elevation to better withstand future extreme weather events and comply with NYC Building Code.

Q: Are the Staten Island beaches open yet? Why was the beach at Rockaway open since the storm but South Beach is closed?

A: Most of the City’s beaches are closed as they are active construction sites, with work continuing through late May. Rockaway Beach is seven miles long, which allows portions of the beach that were undamaged or where repairs are complete to be opened safely.

Q: In all Parks Dept info sessions, “Breezeway” entrances to Rockaway Beach were mentioned. On exactly what streets will these beach entrances be? It appears that 106 st/116st/96 st and 86 str/ will be the access points. Is this correct or where will the breezeways be placed?

A: “Boardwalk islands” are being installed at Beach 86th, 97th, 106th, and 116th Streets to provide access from the street to the beach and beach amenities.

In addition, there will be beach entrances throughout the peninsula.We anticipate having access points available at Beach 9th, 13th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th ,23rd , 24th, 27th, 29th, 32nd, 59th, 61st, 73rd, 86th, 90th, 92nd, 94th, 97th, 101st, 103rd, 104th Streets – and at every street end from Beach 108th through  Beach 149th Street.

Q: I am planning a family vacation to NY and want to include Coney Island, will the entire area be available or only parts open to the public?

A: All sections of Coney Island Beach will open by May 25, in time for Memorial Day and the start of the summer beach season! Some beach amusements are already up and running – we encourage you to check out for a list of places to eat and shop, rides and attractions along the boardwalk, and more information for visitors to Brooklyn’s famous Coney Island.


Q: Why is the lifeguard station at 73rd Street necessary in order to reopen the beach in the summer? You used a trailer in years past and it seems to have been fine for you. Is disrupting an entire community really justified here?

In order to have the beaches reopened for the summer we are directing our contractors to work double-shifts for six or seven days per week. As part of this work there will be short periods where the contractors will work during the evening and overnight hours. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience as we complete this noisy but essential work. Please visit for the latest updates on this work.

Above all, we are committed to being careful stewards of public dollars – and that means building the most robust, sustainable, and future-proof structures we can. The modular buildings can be opened for year-round use and are ADA-compliant for wheelchair access. They are designed with green features – including skylights and solar panels – that will save energy and taxpayer money. And stylistically, they fit with the context of the beach – with exterior walls partially clad with wood, evoking the boardwalk.


Q: Will beach walls be rebuilt in Rockaway From 126 to 140’s? Thank you.

A: Yes. We are working with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and NYC Department of Transportation to erect replacement baffle walls from 126th Street to 149th Street. These concrete walls will rise an average of four feet above the sand – one foot taller than the walls that they are replacing – and extend an average of one foot into the ground. The baffle walls will be attached to 25-foot pilings driven into the ground to keep the walls in place.

Q: Hi Wondering when the Pier at Sharrott ave staten island ( Part of Lemon creek) near mount loretto will be ready for visitors ?

Our blacksmiths are finishing up repairs on the railings of the fishing pier and we expect to open it by the end of April.

Q: I would love to volunteer to Rockaway where and how can I do this?

A: Volunteers have been invaluable to our cleanup effort, as much of the work needs to be done by hand to avoid further damage to park infrastructure. Since November, nearly 8,000 volunteers have collected more than 22,000 bags of debris. All volunteer events – including clean-up, planting, and painting activities – are organized by Partnerships for Parks. For more information, and to learn how you can help, visit or call 311.

Q: Why are elevated bathroom structures being built instead of reopening the existing concession bathrooms?

A: Wherever possible, existing public restrooms are being restored , but in many cases they were too badly damaged and need to be replaced. Any new public restrooms that we are constructing are being elevated above Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) advisory base flood elevations in order to better withstand future extreme weather events. Above all, we are committed to being careful stewards of public dollars – and that means building the most robust, sustainable, and future-proof structures we can.


Q: Have you assessed the status of the trees in Rockaway? We live on Beach 130th Street and are interested in the answer.

A: We will not be able to get a true picture of the tree and plant mortality caused by Hurricane Sandy until late summer or early fall, when we can observe their behavior throughout the growing season. In the interim, we have been and will continue to remediate soil, as necessary, with compost and gypsum – both mitigate salt damage – to encourage the return of healthy biological functioning.

We also encourage residents to water their street trees, which helps to flush out excess salt. For more information on tree watering and to learn how you can become a tree steward, visit or contact MillionTreesNYC directly at (212) 360-TREE.

If you would like to have a street tree near you inspected, please call 311.